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What are the bases for the care for the preservation of old prints and old engravings?

Antique Map, we feel, age, or the manuscript was printed or on paper. The same document was handled during manufacture to maintain the color and print have a printing press or handling of many hands. Waste paper is organic, and experienced many changes over the years. To preserve, there are things you can do.The following points are, what you should avoid when it comes to paper.

First Put them printed by the sunlight.
The paper is sensitive to UV light and should not be exposed.The colors and inks used for writing and printing paper in the course of time will fade when exposed to sunlight. If you need the sunlight, protect your printer or paper in a glass with UV protection, UV rays filter of 97% to 100%. You should also avoid your fluorescent printing.

Second You do not need to stop printing in a wet environment.
Again, as a document of the organic matter is very sensitive to the elements. You should avoid having the paper in humid environments. The paper often contains visible mold thrive in damp conditions and with the time of printing. Keep your tracks in a dry place, like a box on the top shelf of the closet in a house air conditioning.

Third You should not on paper with dirty hands.
This seems obvious. However, although seemingly clean hands contain oils that are absorbed by the paper and to influence the course of time. Buy cotton gloves and use it when you play the role of antiques.

4th You have the right materials when designing.
When considering the development of their old forms, you can use acid free materials. Expensive structural materials often contain harmful acids that seep into the role over time and destroy the integrity of the document. For this reason, it is preferable, 100% cotton and acid-free cardboard back of your card, use carpet.

5th You should not use solvents, oil based glues or tapes for the repair.
Print irrevocably damage these products. It is best to avoid them and use natural products such as gum paste made from wheat.They have been used for hundreds of years and have proven to be very good. However, the repair of professional conservators face prints are left.

6th You must ensure that the materials used to store copies.
Just as the development of inexpensive hardware can damage an impression of the time, it is preferable to use the law of conservation materials to preserve the impression. For example, it is not wrapped in newspaper that this document contains high levels of acid. Use plastic bags acetate records store visual art or special covers to meet your impressions.

These guidelines should be on your way properly protect former printing the map or manuscript to get.

Importance of Vegetables in the Garden Setting

According to his own garden is a good way to obtain food, save time and money to come and go to the supermarket. If you want to save money, but always fresh and juicy on the table to create the garden today. Below you will find this dream a reality vegetable garden care.

This increase

It’s always good to start small if your garden is to work with their vegetables. So you do not have much time to tend his garden like an adult. It also prevents the loss of vegetables. Unwritten rules are plant only what you use in your kitchen. If there is more to expect, what you see, you can also sell dietary supplements from the market or give them to friends as gifts.

Solution space and place

Garden does not need much space, but you need to know the growth habits that you can cook vegetables or vegetables every need. The square type of garden you can harvest time.

If it right to the field, sunny is always better. This allows them to produce more and carry less susceptible to pests and diseases you can see the plant directly into the soil or plant raised beds or containers.

Landscape Design

Sketch plan to see on paper, go to what is in your garden. If you have a large garden, you can always use the leash when we define the boundaries between the parts. This is useful if you use power tools to remove plan weeding in the garden. But if your garden is small, you can still plant vegetables close together. You can no mechanical equipment to remove weeds, but you’re planting in the field to get more vegetables.

Ideal soil

Any soil that is not too soft or too hard, is ideal for your plants. The soil should be well drained and tested in the world palm and squeezed. If the soil is too soft or too hard, just add organic matter to compensate.

Free before planting your plants, soil and add organic fertilizer in the first place. Soil and water and leave it for a few days to completely cover the manure before planting vegetables. With a little planning you can use in the garden you’ve always wanted.

Making Your Yard or Garden With Beautiful Climbing Roses Grow

Climbing roses beautiful addition to any yard or garden. Because they are long and fluid, they are great for use as sunglasses and garden accessories. Smells heavenly scent of roses for most people. You do not need much maintenance or noise, if you do not need to take into account several considerations before planting. After they were installed, they, like other plants, the regular check-ups, sprays, training, pruning and need a little TLC to blossom.

Finding a place for climbing roses, are very important. Also, consider the overall growth of these plants. Hence the name, can Climbers Scaling from 10 to 12 meters in width and can be almost as big as his height.

If you have a place ready for the land chose to have your climbing roses grow properly. Most of the roses a little softer on the ground, where he grew up, but they will do if the soil is fertile and rich. Also a good idea that waste water and mud. You can increase the efficiency of the soil by adding organic matter such as manure or moss. This will help drainage in heavy clay soil, as well as reduce the amount of drainage in the less dense, sandy areas.

You will also need strong support for growing climbing roses. Because they reach such large sizes, it is important to help, before the plant becomes too large to maintain. You can trim the roses grow and educate them on the vine, so you can live a long and happy life.

Be sure to watch out for pests on climbing roses. There are some insects that are attracted to roses more than other plants, including the June bug and aphids. Spray your plants regularly these harmful substances to keep them beautiful flowers. Place bird feeders at home and around the plants may help the insects.

Fertilize roses climbing on a regular basis to help them grow even more beautiful. Since climbing roses grow to be so big that they need extra boost of energy from fertilizers are useful.

Climbing growth have increased, there should be at the beginning of your problem, if you’re in the Rose Garden. Search of data is the first step in this direction, so do not forget to check out the places you with information regarding the maintenance of large roses.